2023-2024 Operations Schedule

Season Rental Pickup Events:

Our Pickup Events run on weekends throughout the fall. Once your equipment is reserved through the Portlandskirentals.com/shop e-commerce store, you will receive an access code to schedule your time slot. Space is limited at each event to ensure a good customer experience. Customers who have already reserved their equipment can click on the button below to schedule.

Special Appointments & Home Delivery: 

Available weekdays from October-December. Costs range from $0-$30. Use the contact us button below to start setting up your time and date. 

In-season service and professional ski tuning:

Available by appointment from October 2023-May 2024, book your tuning service through the e-commerce page, or reach out via the contact us button. Season rental customers should reach out via email or through the contact us button. Ski tuning turnaround times are unique to each service, but generally ranges from on-the-spot work, to 4-5 days for heavy repairs and epoxy work.

Season Rental returns:

Rentals are due back before 6/1/2024.  Appointments are not required for returning the equipment, during the return events we are there waiting for customers to stop by. You can pull right up to Loading Ramp 15 to return.